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Splendid Spring Adventures

Splendid Spring Adventures

Spring has arrived and the days ahead are full of the promise of flowers, fair weather and fun!  This has always been a favorite time of year for me and to celebrate this season of new beginnings I have put together a list of my top twenty ways to make the most of every magnificent moment.

Driving through the countryside with the windows down

Planting a garden

Visiting farmers markets every weekend

The first ice cream cone

Jumping in a lake

Attending outdoor concerts under the stars

Taking a photography class

Spring picnics

Watching a romantic sunset

Climbing a tree

Flying a kite

Wearing open toe shoes

Boutique shopping for floral dresses

Dancing cheek to cheek with the windows open on rainy days

Putting up whimsical bird houses

Morning coffee on the porch in pajamas

Long evening walks in the forest

Reading books in the garden by candlelight

Walking on the empty beach

Dancing barefoot in the grass


Happy Spring my friends!  Enjoy every moment.

michele, Apr 20 2022 - 1:30pm
What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the arrival of spring?
Edmund Hilger (not verified), Mar 25 2023 - 9:16pm
Flowers, birds, bees, bumblebees, butterflies
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