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Now Serving: Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

Now Serving: Garden Inspiration

The summer is all about dreamy indoor/outdoor living. The skies are sunny and you have the perfect afternoon to share with wonderful friends. This summer take the gathering outside with these stylish ideas for outdoor entertaining.

I have a circle of friends that gather to celebrate just about any event. What a comfort to have conversations about happy things. It puts me in a new state of mind where I appreciate the present moment.

Borrow these 4 easy-breezy ideas for your own Summer Style Update:

1) Enclose the porch

Use lattice screens to add an intimate feel or block an unsightly view. For instant privacy simply add silk vines or even include silk flower arrangements as shown here for more impact. This staging creates a pretty backdrop for your seating area.

2) Use vintage pieces

This birdcage adds personality and charm in an unexpected way. In the evening add an element of enchantment to this decorative vignette using fairy lights or battery operated candles.

3) Bring the indoors out

For a cozy feel use indoor decorations outdoors. The lace table cloth and indoor rugs give the space a feeling of home and can be brought indoors during inclement weather.

4) Have a little fun with printed signs

These make your porch unique and help create a lighthearted theme for your outdoor space.

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