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Country Retreat - Part Two

Country Retreat - Part Two

Part Two of my client's modern farmhouse garden design is featured here and it's low on maintenance but big on charm.  With a little help from their local nursery Barrett's Showplace Gardens, I was able to find numerous deer resistant plants for my design!  I included many Proven Winners selections.  They are a favorite of mine due to their  incredible performance, reliability and beauty.  Some of the remarkable deer resistant plants I recommend from Proven Winners include Double Play Gold Spirea with its colorful foliage, the small shrub Sunjoy Mini Salsa Barberry and Spilled Wine Weigela for low growing color.

Proven Winners has some wonderful annual bloomers in addition to their perennials.  In this garden I chose quite a few that I find the deer don't enjoy the taste of, such as Bandana Cherry Lantana, Senorita Rosalita Cleome and Angelface Wedgwood Blue Angelonia.  These all enjoy a full sun location and they will thrive all summer long!

I wanted to mention my favorite of all the deer resistant selections I planted in this garden is the stunning Dolce Wildberry Heuchera from Proven Winners.  It is one of my favorite foliage plants.  It will light up any garden design!  Most local plant retailers will stock the Proven Winners selections I've mentioned, or you can go to their website:  

Living in the countryside I often design gardens where many hungry deer are present!  Some other plants I can suggest to you that they seem to stay away from include salvia, lavender, brunnera and the wonderful Green Gem Boxwood.

This calm and blissful retreat has numerous wraparound porches and I was delighted to create many new gardens on the property for the family to relax and enjoy.  It was especially delightful to discover that one of the daughters Cindy is a fantastic artist who handcrafts the loveliest painted Lake Superior stones.  It was so special to be able to include some of her creations in the garden!

I hope you enjoyed my deer resistant garden design! What plants do the deer stay away from in your garden?
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